1. What’s your name and what do you do when not playing powderpuff?
My name is Katherine Polhamus and off the field, I work as a Senior Accountant for Padgett, Stratemann & Co. and part time Chipotle eating professional.

2. What’s your best skill on the field?
Intimidating the wide receivers and intercepting the ball.

3. Are you playing for anyone in particular? And if not, is there something else that is motivating you to play and raise funds for YTAC?
I am playing for my Dad in celebration of his five year remission from an aggressive form of tongue cancer (oropharyngeal). For his fight and selflessness in constantly introducing me to new foods and encouraging my love of cooking even when he couldn’t eat. And for the rest of my family, specifically my stepmom, for the countless hours of love and support during his treatment and recovery. I am also playing in remembrance of three of my grandparents, all of whom lost their lives to cancer and are still missed everyday.

4. What do you think so far about the prospects for dominating the Cherry Bombs?
Texas Blue Belles smell like victory. Score prediction: 28-21 Baby Blue.

5. How many touchdowns will y’all win by? Or is there anything you’re looking forward to at the game?
I can’t wait to see Ristine Olson’s touchdown dance.

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