1. What’s your name and what do you do when not playing powderpuff?

Josh Hiller, mortgage banker.
2. What’s your best skill on the field?

I hope it’s my pep talks but it’s probably deferring to our able coordinators, Eric Rangel and Franklin Hopkins.

3. Are you playing for anyone in particular, relationship to cancer charity type question?

Cancer touches so many; I’m just excited that we’re able to contribute to Young Texans Against Cancer and the good work they do in the community.

4. What do you think so far about the prospects for dominating the Blue Belles?

This is my fourth year of coaching–we won last year but my first three years ended in losses and each by a considerable margin. Usually about this time I’m convinced we’re going to lose badly. That said, I couldn’t be prouder of the ladies and the effort they make on the field and toward raising money for the cause.

5. How many touchdowns will we win by?

I don’t want to give the Blue Belle coaches bulletin board material, but suffice to say that our ladies showed last year they won’t take their foot off the pedal regardless of the score.

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