1. What’s your name and what do you do when not playing powderpuff?
My name is Jennifer Endsley, I am a Property Tax Analyst for a corporate valuation and finance advising firm.

2. What’s your best skill on the field?
Ummmm still developing my super power skills on the field, I guess. I’ll be sure to have them in check for game day!

3. Are you playing for anyone in particular? And if not, is there something else that is motivating you to play and raise funds for YTAC?
I had recently moved to Austin when I heard of the organization. It’s a wonderful way to honor those that have been affected by cancer, including my own family. I couldn’t think of a better way to meet new people than to network by raising funds to support the research that is so crucial.

4. What do you think so far about the prospects for dominating the Cherry Bombs?
From seeing everyone’s hard work at practice, I’m confident the Blue Belles will take the win on May 3,2014! I didn’t have the pleasure of representing the Blue Belles last year, but team recuited for this year is definitely going to keep the Cherry Bombs on their toes.

5. How many touchdowns will y’all win by?
I think it’ll be a close and exciting game but I think the Blue Belles will pull ahead by 2 touchdowns.

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