1. What’s your name and what do you do when not playing powderpuff?
My name is Elizabeth Doughtie, and I do political fundraising.

2. What’s your best skill on the field?
As of last week, pulling flags. Also backpedaling. It finally came in handy.

3. Are you playing for anyone in particular? And if not, is there something else that is motivating you to play and raise funds for YTAC?
Two of my four grandparents are cancer survivors, and the fourth passed away from lung cancer. I am playing to honor all four, as well as the millions who fight every day.
4. What do you think so far about the prospects for dominating the Cherry Bombs?
I think it will be a nail-biter! Both teams are practicing hard, but the Blue Belles are going to come out on top. The crowd has a great game to look forward to!

5. How many touchdowns will y’all win by?
I’d love to see the Blue Belles score a last second touchdown to win the game, accompanied by an awesome end-zone dance.

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